Benefits of Dry Brushing for Anxiety

I have always been anxious by nature for as long as I can remember. I lived under the presumption that anxiety was a completely mental battle for my high school years and well into college, I never realized the physical effects those emotions took on me over time and how it was stored in my body. Last year I began to notice bodily symptoms I found myself struggling with were fully nervous system/anxiety induced. 

Two years ago when I was getting a wisdom teeth consultation, my oral surgeon told me I was holding so much stress and tension in my jaw that they would not be able to remove the teeth until I reduced it for 3 weeks with a medication and ice roller. This is medically called TMJ but for most people including myself I thought it was just normal. 

This shocked me that I could be holding so much tension in my jaw and not even realize it. I began to wonder what other parts of my body held stress and anxiety tension I never even realized. I began to notice how my body reacted to caffeine, to stressful situations, and to lack of sleep. The effects were all the same, I would become bodily more sweaty ( and not normal sweat but the anxiety sweat you other nervous people know what I mean), shakey, fidgety, lower immunity, and have a harder time feeling calm.

I have had to make several changes to my mind and my body to help slowly heal and lessen these effects which would be a bunch more articles. 

But this 1 habit I have begun to implement for the last year has helped with my overall wellness, but specifically anxiety symptoms by improving my circulation, my immunity, and reducing inflammation. 

For anyone who suffers with anxiety in the bodily form where you find a lot of foods create inflammation, bloating, and tension on top of feeling sweaty, shakey, and weak. Dry brushing is a therapeutic way to reduce stress, improve your health, and exfoliate/ smooth your skin at the same time. 

Flat lay of Dry body brushes made with natural wood and bristles

Dry Brushing Benefits: 

  1. Detoxifying- Dry brushing actually helps remove waste from your body and stimulates your lymphatic system. Your skin plays a huge role in supporting detoxification but if dead skin and blockage is built up it cannot detoxify properly.

  2. Lymphatic Drainage/ immune building - Over 600 lymph nodes in your body help to protect and heal you from disease and bacteria. The lymphatic system is  is stimulated through dry skin brushing which helps remove toxins from the body quicker, so dry brushing also strengthens the immune

  3. Anxiety relieving - Dry brushing is grounding, therapeutic, and self soothing. It really helps you feel in tune with your body and can be a very healing way to check in with how you’re feeling. Increased circulation physically helps aid with anxiety but it is also a healing morning ritual for allowing our brains and bodies to connect. 

Best way to start dry brushing is a few days a week in the morning from toes to head. 

How To:

Brush upward strokes from the toes to the hips, circular motions on your stomach, and then downward strokes from your back to your stomach. Make sure to give back your knees and armpits extra love for added drainage.

You always want to brushing the fluids in your body toward your heart is the golden rule. 

After you’re fully done use a lotion or an oil to then go over and moisturize. Then enjoy feeling rejuvenated, grounded, and detoxified. 

I hope this helps heal anyone else who struggles with bodily stored anxiety and trauma of any form, or anyone who just wants to take better care of their wonderful body! 

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